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Perché la pompa Booster del depuratore d'acqua è facile da rompere?

There are many kinds of water purifier filtration technologies, such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis filtration technology, etc., and the filtration accuracy of these technologies is improved in turn.

The higher the filtration accuracy of the filter element for water, the smaller the pore size of the filter element is required, and the more difficult it is for the water to pass through. So if you want to maintain a certain flow, you must pressurize the water flow. The higher the filtration precision, the higher the pressure requirement.

For example, the filtration precision of microfiltration is between 0.5μm and 1μm, and no need for pump pressure, but tap water pressure. The ultrafiltration filtration precision is about 0.01μm, and most water supplies do not need to be pressurized. If the pressure is too low or you want to increase the water flow, you can pressurize.

However, a booster pump for water purifier is generally required for a reverse osmosis accuracy of 0.001 μm. Therefore, the booster pump is to pressurize the water flow in the waterway, so that the filter element can be used normally or the water production can meet the requirements of use.

1. Water problems, the raw water enters the booster pump after the first stage of filtration

Some of the no-name machines that will be sold have an unreasonable waterway design. The raw water directly enters the water pump or the raw water directly enters the water pump after being filtered by the first-stage PP cotton.

In this way, a large amount of sediment and particulate impurities will enter the rubber pad of the pump. After high-speed contact, the sediment will damage the rubber pad and cause damage, causing the booster pump for water purifier to lose pressure.

The phenomenon caused by this failure is that the motor is running normally, but the water pump is not running. In this case, after the pump is repaired, some adjustments to the waterway can be made to fundamentally solve the problem.

2. The power supply matching problem of the booster pump for water purifier

When selling power supplies, I often encounter customers who do water purifier maintenance and ask about the quality and current of the power supply. They always think that the bigger the current, the better, which is actually a wrong concept.

Pumps all have rated current. If the current input by the power supply exceeds the rated current, the booster pump for water purifier encounters the waterway blocked and the current will rise rapidly, causing the coil of the motor to burn out.

The normal working current of the general water pump is less than 1.2A or 1.5A, and there are few pumps with a working current of 2.0A. However, the output current of many power supplies is 2.0A, and the current distributed by other parallel branches in the circuit is about 0.5A. In this case, there is still about 1.5A of current remaining into the pump motor, so the current of the motor is too large. A blockage is formed, and the motor will burn out very quickly. Therefore, the selection of the power supply must match the current, rather than the larger the current, the better.

3. The use and maintenance of the booster pump for water purifier, irregular core replacement

This is the most common situation, especially for rural users. Some do not know that the water purifier needs to replace the filter element at all, or the replacement of the filter element can be delayed until the filter element of the water purifier or the waterway is blocked. Once blocked, the water pump will be overloaded, the motor will be blocked, and the current will rise rapidly, causing the motor to burn out. Therefore, it is very necessary to educate users about regular maintenance.

Some users expose the water purifier to the rainwater environment for a long time, and the water enters the bearing of the motor pump. In the case of long-term non-operation, it is easy to cause the bearing to rust. It is necessary to pay attention to protect the basic use environment of the water purifier.

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