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Quali sono i vantaggi delle pompe peristaltiche?

The mechanical principle of the peristaltic pump is very simple. It pumps fluid by alternately squeezing and releasing the pump pipe. Just like using two fingers to squeeze a liquid-filled hose, with the movement of the fingers, negative pressure is formed at the inlet end of the pump pipe, and the liquid in the pump pipe flows along with it, and the liquid will flow out of the outlet end of the pump pipe.

Because of this principle of the peristaltic pump in peristaltic pumps manufacturers, it has the following advantages:

1. The peristaltic pump is clean and pollution-free

The fluid only passes through and touches the peristaltic pump hose. Because the transported material only touches the hose of the peristaltic pump, the peristaltic pump pipe used by the peristaltic pump meets the clean certification standard and does not contain various toxic and harmful substances. At the same time, because the hose can be easily replaced and disinfected, aiming to different pump pipes, disinfection methods include ethylene oxide (ETO), radiation, 2.5Mrad gamma sterilization, sterilization pot which can achieve repeated high temperature and high-pressure sterilization, etc.

2. The peristaltic pump has constant and adjustable flow and high precision

High repeatability, strong stability, and convenient flow adjustment. Since the volume of the peristaltic pump is constant per revolution, the weight accuracy of the liquid discharged can reach up to five thousandths, and in general, it can reach plus or minus one percent. Therefore, the peristaltic pump is also called a constant flow pump. Under the condition of constant flow and high precision, the peristaltic pump can easily adjust and calibrate the flow by changing the speed of the pump.

3. Low shear force of the peristaltic pump

It is an ideal tool for conveying shear-sensitive and aggressive fluids. Its low shear force is more outstanding when compared to that of other conventional pumps such as impeller pumps and mechanical pumps, such as centrifugal pumps. When the impeller is running, it will form a shear force on the liquid. For some liquids containing solids, this type of shear force can cause fatal damage to solid objects.

4. Corrosion resistance of the peristaltic pump

It can transport various fluids, such as organic solvents and corrosive liquids. Some corrosive liquids will invade and decompose and damage mechanical pumps such as impeller pumps, while peristaltic pumps can replace pump pipes of different materials to deliver different types of liquids, such as organic solvents such as bismuth water and sulfuric acid.

5. The peristaltic pump can achieve idle running or dry running

The peristaltic pump can have a dry running for a long time without water, and can also transport air. It can also achieve gas-liquid-solid three-phase mixed transport. When the peristaltic pump is running, the maximum speed is mostly within 600 rpm. Even if the air is transported, it will not produce a too high temperature and will not damage the pump body. The peristaltic pump can therefore achieve gas-liquid-solid three-phase mixed transport.

6. The peristaltic pump has self-priming ability

It can be self-priming, the pump wheel will compress the pump pipe, and the liquid will generate negative pressure at the inlet end of the pump pipe during the displacement of the pump wheel to suck in the liquid. Therefore, the peristaltic pump can self-prime without the need for pumping and emptying. The height of the suction head lift can be customized.

7. Peristaltic pump has the function of shut-off valve with no siphon and seals

Peristaltic pump has specific and good sealing performance, with functions of shut-off valve and one-way valve. The runner of the peristaltic pump will always have the pump wheel to compress the pump pipe during the working process, so the liquid will only flow in the direction of the runner's movement, and will not flow back to have the function of one-way valve. When the pump stops working, the liquid will not backflow and siphon, thus functioning as a shut-off valve. Therefore, the peristaltic pump does not require any mechanical seals.

8. The two-way delivery function of the peristaltic pump

As long as the direction of the pump runner is changed, the reverse suction and back suction functions can be realized. The peristaltic pump achieves pumping during the squeezing displacement of the runner, so the direction of rotation of the runner can be easily changed, so that the pumping direction can be changed easily.

9. The maintenance of the peristaltic pump is simple

You only need to replace the peristaltic pump hose, and don't need to change valve and seal. Because the peristaltic pump does not have these valves and seals, the structure of the peristaltic pump is also very simple and reliable. Apart from the need to replace the pump pipe, there is no other place that needs special maintenance.

10. The peristaltic pump can withstand relatively high temperatures

The pump pipe of the peristaltic pump can be equipped with a high-temperature resistant hose, so the peristaltic pump can also deliver high-temperature liquids at 180 degrees Celsius continuously and for a long time.

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