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Come risolvere i 5 principali problemi della pompa Booster per il depuratore d'acqua

Nowadays, more and more users use water purifiers in the family, and the problems of water purifiers are also increasing. Occasionally, the after-sales department will receive feedback from users that the household water purifier will have problems such as noise after a period of use, but they do not know where the problem lies and how to solve it?

Generally speaking, most of the noise of the water purifier is related to the ro motor pump. Can it only be replaced with a new one? Some ask for 180, and some ask for more than 300. In fact, I want to talk about some small problems of the booster pump, which can be solved by themselves. Let's take a look at what we should do.

Ⅰ. The noise of the booster pump for water purifier is large

1. Check whether the raw water pipeline is cut off, causing the booster pump to run idly, resulting in loud water purifier noise.

Treatment: Open the three-way valve to allow water to enter the machine.

2. Check whether the booster pump is faulty, the vibration is too large, there is friction sound, etc.

Treatment: To replace the booster pump, you can ask the water purifier manufacturer for advice on the replacement method and configuration.

3. Check whether the placement of the water purifier is stable.

Treatment: put it well, do not put the water purifier in a hollow place.

4. Check whether the water pipe is too long, the vibration of the pump makes the water pipe hit the casing, etc.

Treatment: Find the source of the vibration and remove the long resonating water pipe. If the noise of the water purifier/water purifier that has been used for several years is 80%, the booster pump is damaged.

Ⅱ. Insufficient lift of the booster pump for water purifier

1. Impeller damage

Solution: replace the other parts.

2. Insufficient speed

Solution: Check whether the voltage and motor are normal.

3. The infusion contains gas

Solution: reduce the temperature of the liquid to remove the gas.

Ⅲ. The bearing of the booster pump for water purifier heats up

1. The main shaft and the motor shaft are not concentric.

Solution: Adjust the concentricity.

2. The bearing cover is short of oil or the oil is deteriorated.

Solution: refuel or change the oil.

Ⅳ. The power overload of the booster pump for water purifier

1. The specific gravity of the medium is too large.

Solution: replace the larger power motor

2. The flow exceeds the usage range.

Method: work according to the scope of use.

3. Produce mechanical friction.

Solution: Check and adjust or replace worn parts.

Ⅴ. The booster pump for water purifier has vibration or noise

1. The main shaft and the motor shaft are not concentric

Solution: Adjust the concentricity.

2. The rotor is unbalanced

Solution: replace the other parts.

3. The nut is loose

Method: Tighten the nuts of all parts.

4. The infusion contains gas or dehydration operation

Method: reduce the liquid temperature, remove the gas, enter the impeller into the liquid,

5. Excessive wear of water bearing and journal

Solution: replace the water bearing and restore the journal.

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